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Now that the contract is signed, a really thrilling announcement: my short story "Resurrection Man" has been accepted by Riptide Publishing for their Bump in the Night anthology! I'm so excited to have the chance to work with Riptide, after reading and admiring so many of the things they've produced so far. Expect to hear a lot more about that later in the year when we get close to its release.

In other exciting upcoming news, Torquere has sent the authors a copy of the cover for Masks Off Too!, the vampire masquerade antho they're releasing next month. Cover under the cut:
totes worksafe )
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My next short story release will be available next month! "Ivory Black, Flecked with White" appears in Dreamspinner Press's Snow on the Roof anthology, a collection of m/m romance featuring older men. "Ivory Black" is a historical, established relationship piece:
Renaissance painter Felice has enjoyed Lucio's patronage, and his love, for years; neither of them are young men anymore. When the youthful good looks of Felice's latest model make Lucio jealous, Felice must find a way to convince his lover that in a painter's eyes, there is no conflict between age and beauty.

The anthology is available for preorder now on Dreamspinner's site, in ebook or in paperback. Once the book releases, on February 11, it will be available through all your favorite online retailers as well. :3

and here's a quick excerpt from Ivory Black )
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Signed the contract last night, so I am now happy to announce that I will have another short with Dreamspinner in February: Snow on the Roof is an anthology of m/m romance about older men, and will include my story "Ivory Black, Flecked with White," about an Italian Renaissance painter and the man who has been his patron and his lover for years.

Yay more stories going out in the world!
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Evergreen, Dreamspinner Press's 2012 Advent Calendar collection, is now available for preorder! The collection contains 31 short holiday-themed stories, one of which is mine. You can preorder the entire collection at the link for $49.99; if the price is too rich for your blood, or if you'd prefer to sample some a la carte dishes instead of buying the entire buffet, you'll be able to buy individual stories on December 1st. (The "Excerpt" link on that page is actually a list of all the stories, with their summaries, so you can see what sorts of things you'd be in for.)

My contribution, Safe Harbor, is a warm fuzzy blanket in story form: lonely sailor Blake comes in to port on Christmas Eve to an unexpected reunion with the best friend he's loved—and thought he could never have—for years, and it turns out they're both exactly what the other wants for Christmas.

I can't wait to share it with you! Especially now that DST has ended, and the dark sets in early this far north.
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So I found out this morning that Piper Vaughn and MJ O'Shea were hosting an original-fiction auction for Red Cross donations in Sandy's wake (the planning and setup post is here). I've volunteered to join the crew of authors who are participating -- I'm going to be offering 5k+ of either m/m or f/f speculative fiction, tailored to the winner's specifications.

I'll let you know when the auction posts go live!
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Signed a contract with Dreamspinner last night to appear in their Advent Calendar collection this year! My short story Safe Harbor will be available with them in December; it's the m/m romance equivalent of a fuzzy blanket and a cup of hot cocoa, and I hope you will enjoy it. (Trying to write cuddly Christmas Eve fic in August, when we were having our one bout of actual summer here in Seattle, was a bit of a challenge.) More details to follow when we're closer to release!

For now, back to the word mines with me. I want to get a longer piece or two out the door by the end of the year (a few of Riptide's current open calls really speak to me)—short stories are well and good, but generally you need something with more meat to it to really make readers happy.
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