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Laylah Hunter ([personal profile] laylah) wrote2012-11-26 10:45 pm

a kickstarter dear to my heart

Saint Harridan is raising funds for a line of men's-styled suits that are designed to fit XX-chromosomed bodies.

I am incoherent right now about how much this means to me. I've always been of the "oh, it's just clothes" mold, and trying not to think about them any more than I had to. I'm genderqueer XX butch, with a body type that does not fit well into clothes made for XY shapes; my hips have never let me pass. Trying to shop for clothes has been an exercise in frustration, anxiety, and flat-out misery for years.

And now there's Saint Harridan. This post about their name made me wibbly when I first saw it, and now the kickstarter has me in tears.

Because this project, these clothes, say to me, Yes, you are allowed to be what you are. Yes, you deserve the chance to be stylish and fancy. You don't have to choose between physical discomfort and emotional discomfort to dress up.

If you can afford to kick them a few bucks, please do.

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